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Job Title:Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuit Design Engineer
Position Type:Full time
Work experience:More than 3 years
Academic requirements:Master's degree
Release time:2015-07-15
1. Research and development of state-of-the-art analog and mixed-signal circuit systems for automotive, consumer and industrial markets.
2. Participate in analog and mixed-signal IP architecture roadmap development.
3. Participate in all aspects of design cycle, including architecture development, transistor level design, interaction with digital system and software teams, layout supervision, lab characterization, production, marketing and customer support.
4. Develop products to meet the performance targets in timely fashion.
1. MSEE/PhD with minimum 3 years of professional experience in analog & mixed signal IC design. A proven record of releasing design to market is preferred. 2. Strong knowledge of analog circuit design, parasitic and noise analysis, CMOS device physics and fabrication. 3. Understanding of layout flow and verification checks such as DRC, ERC, LVS. 4. Basic knowledge of key analog blocks and systems, such as (but not limited to) bandgap and biasing circuitry, ADC/DAC, LDO, charge pump, PLL/DLL, power converters. 5. Ability to take ownership of the project, work independently with minimal supervision, provide attention to details, resulting in timely and reliable delivery. 6. Clear communicator and team player. 7. Knowledge on related CAD tool (i.e. PDK installation, PCell design, Skill script) is a plus. 8. Experience with Verilog/Veriloga/VerilogAMS modeling is a plus. Focus Skills and Experience 1 1. Experience in high-resolution ADC design and production, preferably 16-bit and higher 2. High-speed pipeline or SAR ADC 3.High-resolution sigma-delta ADC 4.Basic knowledge of signal processing concepts Focus Skills and Experience 2 1. Experience in high-voltage design, such as gate driver 2. Understanding of high-voltage silicon manufacturing technology 3. Basic understanding of power conversion design, such as DC/DC and AC/DC converters
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