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MCU Embedded and Configurable 3-Phase PMSM / BLDC Motor Controller

The FCM8531 is an application-specific parallel-core processor for motor control that consists of an Advanced Motor Controller (AMC) processor and a MCS®51-compatible MCU processor. The AMC is the core processor specifically designed for motor control. It integrates a configurable processing core and peripheral circuits to perform FOC and “Sensorless” motor control. System control, user interface, communication interface, and input/output interface can be programmed through the embedded MCS®51 for different motor applications.
The advantage of FCM8531’s parallel-core processors is that the two processors can work independently and complement each other. The AMC processes the tasks dedicated for motor controls, such as the motor control algorithms, PWM controls, current sensing, real-time over-current protection, and motor angle calculation. The embedded MCU provides motor control commands to the AMC to perform motor control activities through a communication interface. This approach reduces the software burden and simplifies the control system program because complex motor control algorithms are executed in the AMC. Fairchild provides the Motor Control Development System (MCDS) IDE and MCDS Programming Kit for users to develop software, compile programs, and perform online debugging.
To meet IEC 60730-1 Class B safety standard for household appliances, FCM8531 has FCM8531RQY version in its family that has been certificated by UL for the compliance. Users can directly utilize the UL certificated AMC to quicken product development cycle for electronic controlled PMSM/BLDC motor.

Advanced Motor Controller (AMC)
Configurable Processing Core
Sensorless Field-Oriented Control (FOC) with Speed Integral Method
Sensorless FOC with Sliding Mode
Hall Interface
Space Vector Modulation (SVM)
Sine-Wave & Square-Wave Generator
Programmable Current Leading Phase Control
Programmable Soft-Switching Control (Dead Time)
FCM8531RQY Certified by UL for IEC-60730-1 Class B Compliance
Embedded MCU
MCS® 51 Compatible
63% of Instructions’ Execution Cycle <3 System Clocks (3T)
Memory Size:
12 KB Flash Program Memory
256 +1 KB SRAM Data Memory
Extended16-Bit Multiplication / Division Unit (MDU)
≤17 General-Purpose Input / Output (GPIO) Pins
Full Duplex Serial Interface (UART)
I2C Interface
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
Three External Interrupts
Three 16-Bit Timers
Programmable 15-Bit Watchdog Timer (WDT)
Built-in Power-On Reset (POR)
Built-in Clock Generator
Two-Level Program Memory Lock
8-Channel, 10-Bit ADC
Auto-Trigger Sample & Hold
Four Trigger Mode Selections
Three Pre-AMP Gain Selections
1-Channel, 8-Bit DAC
Three Levels of Over-Current Protection (OCP)
Power Management
Idle Mode, Stop Mode, Sleep Mode
Development Supports
In System Programming (ISP)
On-Chip Debug Support (OCDS)